Time In Thailand

Charles Alexander Kosydar and his friends laughing near a beach while traveling in Thailand
My friends and I on Koh Lipe, near where a snake bit me only a few hours after this picture was taken

I am excited to write about a lot of things on my new blog, but I need to address one issue first. While on vacation in Thailand in the fall of 2018 I went missing for two and half days. Unfortunately, a couple of misleading articles were posted online about this, and as such I need to clear the air about what happened.

I was traveling in the islands of southern Thailand with my friends, but was by myself one evening when I went for a walk. While wading around a rocky outcropping separating adjacent beaches I was stung by a venomous sea snake. I immediately got out of the water up onto the rocks, which is the last thing I clearly remember.

For the next two days, I was in and out of consciousness and barely able to move from acute neuromuscular paralysis. Even once the effects of the poison started to wear off, I was still incredibly weak from being stranded without food or water in the heat of the tropics.

My friends immediately started a search effort when I went missing, but where I was injured was difficult to see from the ocean and the neighboring beaches. Thankfully, on the morning of the third day I was found, and after drinking my first water in days I was taken to a small clinic on the island for more rehydration.

I am glad to say I’m okay, with only a small blister on my hand where I was bit, a bruised ego for needing to be rescued, and a blemished online reputation. I am also forever grateful to the Thai search team, and for my friends and family who helped with my rescue effort.

A group photo with the Thai search team that rescued me

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