About Charles Alexander Kosydar

Charles Kosydar cooking dinner by a lake while backpacking
Me in my element, backpacking in the Olympics

Hi, I’m Charles. I thought I would offer a little introduction in case you were curious about who is behind this blog. I’ll mostly be writing about travel, the outdoors, and medicine. Here’s why:


I love to travel, taking at least one trip abroad each year. One of my goals is to keep the number of countries I have visited higher than my age, a streak I’ve kept going since I was 21. If I have some tips about a location that I have visited, you’ll find that information here.

The Outdoors

My favorite things to do are outside. I’m particularly passionate about skiing and snowboarding. I also spend as much time as I reasonably can hiking and backpacking, fishing, mountain biking, surfing, and diving. I’ll post articles here sharing what I learn along the way.


I’m a physician, practicing radiology in Portland, Oregon. Unsurprisingly, I spend a lot of my time in the world of medicine, and often learn things I think are worth sharing. My posts will be more technical than you will find on most blogs, but written for people without a medical degree.


I’m going to go off topic from time to time, and that’s okay. If I find myself researching and organizing information for a project that I think may be useful to others, but doesn’t fall into one of my main categories, then I’ll post about it here.

Thanks for visiting my website! Please feel free to say hi and leave a comment on any of my posts.